Learning Lightning Web Component

Learning Path about Lightning Web Component

1.Web Component in HTML 5

2.How to use HTML Template as part of Web Component?

3.What is Custom Element?

4.Shadow DOM in Web Component

5. Welcome to Lightning Web Component

6. Visual Studio Code Setup for Lightning Web Component

7. Create first your Lightning Web Component

8.  Pascal Case, Camel Case, Kebab Case & Snake Case

9.  How does Lightning Web Component JS file work?

10. How to use Custom Label in Lightning Web Component?

11. How to use CSS in Lightning Web Component?

12. How to use Salesforce Resources in Lightning Web Component?

13. JavaScript properties in Lightning Web Component

14. Toast Notification in Lightning Web Component

15.  Navigation Mechanism in Lightning Web Component

16.  How to use SVG file in Lightning Web Component

17.  GET & SET for Lightning Web Component

18.  Assignment Operator in Conditional Statement for Lightning Web Component

19.  How to set Design Attributes in Lightning Web Component?

20. How to get logged-in User Id, Current Record Id and Current Object API Name?

21.   Lightning Web Component Communication Types

22.  Communication using Method in Lightning Web Component

23.  Custom Event Communication in Lightning Web Component

24.  Publish Subscriber Model in Lightning Web Component

25.  How to import/export JS file in Lightning Web Component

26. How to send HTML Markup into Lightning Web Component using Slot?

27. Lightning Web Component Life Cycle

28. How can you get the inputs directly without using the onchange event?

29. Lightning Web Component with Salesforce Data

30. Lightning Data Service – Lightning Record Form

31. Lightning Data Service – Lightning Record View Form

32. Lightning Data Service – Lightning Record Edit Form

33. Wire Service

34. How to Call Apex Class, get sObject/sObject fields from Lightning Web Component?

35. Get record details by UI API

36. Can we use UI API imperatively in Lightning Web Component?

37. Create Record by UI API

38. Update Record by UI API

39. Apex Wire Method to Property

40. Apex Wire Method to Property with Parameters

41. Apex Wire Method to Function

42. Apex Wire Method to Function with Parameters

43. Imperative Service Syntax

44. Apex Imperative Method

45. Apex Imperative Method with Parameters

46. Showing Static Record using Apex to Wire Mechanism

47. Showing Static Record using Apex to Imperative Mechanism




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