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Lightning Testing Service with Jasmine

Lightning Testing Service:  Salesforce has already provided the Apex Testing framework to check the features in your Apex classes and triggers at the server side. Now, the question is how to test the Lightning Component...

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Method vs Component Event in Lightning

Already, we have studied about Method and Component Event in Lightning.Now, we will focus on the difference between Method and Component Event in Lightning. 931 total views, 1 views today

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How to use method in Lightning Component?

You can call a method using aura:method tag in a component’s client side controller instead of using Component Event. In short, aura:method communicates down the Containment Hierarchy that means a Parent Component can call aura:method...

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Lightning Flow Overview

According to Salesforce, Lightning Flow consists of Process Builder and Cloud Flow Designer. Process Builder is responsible to create process when record is created/updated or any platform event is occurred. Cloud Flow Designer is...

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Create Record By Lightning Data Service

Create Record By Lightning Data Service In this section, we will create a Contact Record from Account using Lightning Data Service(LDS) in Lightning Experience. Step 1: Create a component bundle named “createContactByLDS”. createContactByLDS.cmp |...

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Load Record by Lightning Data Service

Loading record by Lightning Data Service In Lightning Experience, we will load the Account record with some attributes from Contact by Lightning Data Service. Step 1: Need to create a Lightning Component named “loadAccount“....

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Lightning Data Service

What is Lightning Data Service(LDS)? -Lightning Data Service is the data layer for Lightning. We can load, create, edit or delete a particular record by LDS without calling Server/Apex Class. You can compare Standard...

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How to use Map in Lightning Component?

Map: This is an collection of Key-Value pair items. A Map can’t contain duplicate keys. How to use Map in Lightning Component? A. How can we define and access the Map in Lightning Component?...

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How to use List in Lightning Component?

List: This is an ordered collection of items. A List can contain duplicate values. We can directly iterate List in Lightning Component. How to use List in Lightning Component? Step 1:  Need to write...

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