Flow distribution for Lightning Record Page

Flow distribution for Lightning Record Page

In this section, we will learn how to refer flow in Lightning Record Page. We will create a contact record from an account by flow placing in account record page in Lightning Experience.

Basic Understanding on Contact Creation Flow by Cloud Flow Designer


Step 1: Please open Cloud Flow Designer from Set up screen(“search with ‘Flows’ keyword in the search box of left panel” ).

Step 2: Please create a Flow with all the necessary information. Please mark the respective element as Starter by green signal. Here, Record Lookup is our starting element of the flow.

Step 3: After creation, please activate the flow. Flow has the versioning system. You can create multiple versions for a flow, but only one version can be active at a time. Please find the screenshot of the active flow named “Contact Creation”. 

Record Lookup:  It looks us the current account record with respect to account record Id and returns the Account Name.
Contact Inputs Screen: It is the layout of the fields which are applicable for contact creation.
Record Create: It allows to run the DML statement means you can insert the Contact record by using this element.
Error Handling Screen: We can customize the error handling by Flow Fault Message.
Thank You Screen: It will display Thank You message after creation of Contact.

Step 4: Need to place this flow in Lightning Record Page of account. So, Please edit the Lightning Record Page and drag the flow into the respective section of this record page.

Step 5: We have created an input variable named “accountId” in the flow to take the current Account Record Id. Now, we have to pass the Account Record Id to “accountId” variable mentioned in the flow. So, after dragging the flow in the Lightning Record Page, Please check this checkbox “Pass Record ID into this variable”.

Remember, when you will drag this flow in the Lightning Record Page, you will not see the flow immediately because Flow doesn’t run in a canvas. After saving the Lightning Record Page with Flow, you can see the flow on the Account Record.


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