Build your first Lightning Component – Only View

How to build your first Lightning Component?
Only View, No Logic

Step 1: Create Lightning Component Bundle named “Welcome”
After creation, we will get four primary files such as

  • Welcome.cmp
  • Welcome.css
  • WelcomeController.js
  • WelcomeHelper.js

We need to update Welcome.cmp & Welcome.css file for now.

Welcome.cmp | Describes View Layout


<div class="slds slds-m-top--x-large slds-align_absolute-center tagLine">
    	Welcome to Everyone !!


Welcome.css | Describes Styling


Step 2: Create Lightning App named “LearningLightning” | To run this newly created Lightning Component

<aura:application extends="force:slds">

You can notice that we are using the tag extends=”force:slds” to run the Lightning Application using Lightning Styles.

Step 3: Result

Welcome to Everyone(first Lightning Component)

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