Monthly Archive: April 2018

Events Communication in Lightning

Lightning Events are used to communicate to direct Lightning Components or indirect Lightning Components in Lightning Framework. Component Event: This type of event can be fired from a Component and on other side, the...

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What is bound{! } expression and unbound{# } expression?

Bound Expression: {!v.attributeName}: Anything has been changed to the attribute in the Child Component affects the respective attribute in the Parent Component and vice-versa. Unbound Expression: {#v.attributeName}: Anything has been changed to the attribute...

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How to use Component Id?

Component Id: This defines an identifier of the elements of a particular component. There are two types of Component Ids such as Local Id & Global Id. Local Id-> To retrieve a component in...

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Lightning Component – Attributes

Attributes are used to perform the input and output operation in the Lightning Component or App. Attributes are just like Variables in the Apex Class. Need to use <aura:attribute> tag to declare the attribute in...

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Build your first Lightning Component – Only View

How to build your first Lightning Component? Only View, No Logic Step 1: Create Lightning Component Bundle named “Welcome” After creation, we will get four primary files such as Welcome.cmp Welcome.css WelcomeController.js WelcomeHelper.js We...

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